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Featured Articles

Cultural Commentary

Dreaming Better Dreams: The Home, the Marketplace, and the American Dream: How the dominance of the marketplace in western culture harms both men and women and ultimately impedes human flourishing

Learning to Value the Family in Crisis: Statistically the poor and working class are most at risk for familial break down; they’re also the least able to access the Church’s teaching on family values. Why this is and how we can change it.

Becoming Human: How Community Forms Us: In an age of radical individualism, we must remember that we cannot be ourselves apart from each other.

Won’t You Be My Neighbor? Reconciliation and Foot Washing in Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood: How a quiet man in a cardigan led the way toward racial reconciliation, mirroring Christ’s act of service.

The Unsettling Truth Behind the #MeToo Movement: The deluge of accounts of sexual abuse and harassment remind us of an inescapable truth–women are more vulnerable than men. But in age of female empowerment, we’re quick to forget this and to our peril.

Choosing a Better Way: Rethinking the Rhetoric of Independence in the Birth Control Debate: The problem most women face is not too little independence but too little community, too little care for them as they carry the future of the human race.

A Way Forward: What the Pro-Life Movement Can Teach Us about Racial Reconciliation: After decades of work, the pro-life movement has successfully affected public opinion regarding abortion by personalizing life in the womb through use of images and storytelling. How might we use this same approach to heal racial division?

Toward a Theology of Facebook: Community by any other name would still be just as messy and as complicated as real life.

When Rural Traditions Get Hipster Cred: Who knew that growing up in a rural community would make me “cool” 20 years later?

Why I Don’t Call Myself a Feminist:  I fight for the rights of women around the world but not because I’m a feminist.


Online Tribalism and Women’s Ministry: A Look at the State of Women’s Discipleship in the Digital Age

Although the digital age has changed women’s ministry, granting access and platform to women outside traditional power structures, we’re just as likely to succumb to tribalism and parochialism as we ever were.

How Brainy Women Benefit the Church: Studies show that we often associate intelligence with masculinity. What does this mean for “smart” women and how the Church tap into their gifts?

By Whose Authority? Women Bloggers and the Evangelical Church: A look at how evangelical women are using the internet to build community and bypass established channels of authority.

“Let’s Get the Girl”: Women’s discipleship and spiritual formation will only become a priority if the Church casts a vision of mission that is large enough to need them.

Farewell, Evangelicalism? Not so Fast: Despite the failure of evangelical church, leaving it may be harder than some realize

Christian Women Need to Know Their History: By celebrating the stories of women who have gone before us, we better understand our own.

Why Are Resources for Christian Women “Christianity Lite”?: For too long, Christian women have looked to “womanhood” to teach us about ourselves, instead of Christ.

Beyond the Booth: How Broadchurch Makes Confession Communal: How public confession of sin restores broken bonds of community–and what happens to a community when practice of confession is lost


The Divine Rise of Multilevel Marketing: Multilevel marketing (MLM) offers women mentorship, a sense of purpose, and possibility of success–all in the service of the marketplace. Kate Shellnutt and I ask, “What might happen if the Church offered this to women instead?”

Would Today’s Proverbs 31 Woman Do MLM?: In the digital age, network marketing is booming, with some of its most ardent participants Christian women. But how should we think about it especially when it enters our faith communities?

My Daughter Can’t Do It All: Reflections on the limits of vocation with special focus on Anne Marie Slaughter’s Unfinished Business

Family & Relationships

The Vocation of Parenthood

I did not choose to become a parent so much as I was made a parent by forces larger and greater than I could ever fathom or control. In his sovereignty, God has called me to this good work of parenthood.

Love Among the Pixels: Fidelity and Romance in the Digital Age

In an age of “back burner” relationships, the commitment of marriage has never been more needed–or more misunderstood.

God Our Father: The Beauty of God’s Choice: What the physical realities of fatherhood teach us about God’s commitment to us

Family Business: Why Working for God Begins at Home

Christian Living

The Good Gift of Fences: How God uses and transcends our limits for his glory and our good

Standing Your Ground: Learning to navigate conflict with peace and confidence

A World Apart: What happens when an Israeli Jew and an American Christian become friends?

Path to a Miracle: Sharing our faith doesn’t always happen with one dramatic encounter but with small steady steps supported by friendship and love

Christmas in Nazareth: I never made it to Bethlehem, but I caught a vision of Christmas in one of the most unexpected places—in the face of a young Middle Eastern boy.

Entertaining Angels: Opening our homes and tables to strangers blesses both the giver and receiver.

Book Reviews

The Pietist Option: Gehrz and Pattie offer the spirit of pietism as guide for the future of the western Church

Jesus Feminist: Sarah Bessey’s  call to “revisit the Bible’s view on women.”

Just How Married Do You Want to Be?: Jim and Sarah Sumners’ book about union in marriage

A God-Sized Vision:  Woodbridge and Hansen’s book about how God works through revivals

Dealing with Depression: Collins and Haynes address a controversial issue with balance and grace

Get Wisdom!: Ruth Younts’ fun, creative lessons to help teach children Christian virtue